Saturday, March 13, 2010

the real face of "friends"....:(

A little”very” nervouse….

This is why I need to calm down…..and say all…..

Like all Saturdays morning I prefer take breakfast with my friends….and today I tought to take also K.with me…because a little fresh air would make good and after we go to see what’s around shops…

I don’t feel to let her alone go around because not knowing the language yet would make me a little worry…

So we dress up…she puts the most beautiful green hijab I ever seen…she looks soooooo pretty..

And what I tought??!?!if she puts it lets try! I just covered my hair…and I liked that kind of tourban she wraped me up…grab our maxi bags and hit the road Jack….We got to the coffeeshop and there were waiting my “friends” they made a face!!!!!!!!!!

I said “hello everybody! She is K. my friend….They nither said “hi”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!just an “Ah!”(I said to myself we heading for a fall….”)

And so from one croissant to an other and from the first cappuccino to the next they told me….” should stop pretending being on of them”….i tought I got lighted up……but I holded my calm…”you know we aren’t very happy to go around wrapped like that…and to be seen with such persons….. I got black….. “you know here we aren’t in the desert….mamma mia! I got so nervouse…I just told them: Yes we aren’t but you act like living in one!the answer was: “we tought you had more class!” and the replay “is because I have class I get up from here and I go….”I tooked K. and left. She knew something wrong happened and asked me if was her fault…I calmed her…

I never imagined my best friends…. we know us from some good years would tell me this….how closed mind they can be????????????????? I really don’t understand….

Is my problem in what I belive what I do and with who I am friend….they should know that more pure then all of them!!!!

I couldn’t let this accident ruine our day out…so I took the mall…we had so much fun…We bought some things for the house and some clothes for her…like she says “to wear them inside” I adore her!

What a wonderful story is the life…I used to hate her…and now she is my best friend…..

Today I learn how to cook cous-cous :D just can’t wait….

I feel a little disappointed on people…how they can be so stupid….(not all!!!) only if they would listen to this girls…and their beauty and I talk here about the inner one…it makes me really sad…..

I really didn’t wanted K. to assist to this thing...

I just immagin Monday going to university….:)) this makes me laugh….but I swam against the courent….always….

And I will not stop now….never…..


  1. I am so sorry your friends would say such a thing to you! You would think since they are your friends that they would at least give K a chance.

    You are such a good friend to K Mashallah!!

    Hopefully your friends will give her a chance inshallah!

  2. i hope not!!!!!!!! bc they dont diserve to know her! u know i used to hate K. because she was taking away something that was mine...but life proved me diffrent and now i love her! Hugs!

  3. :D Wow you 2 became such good friends, masha Allah!

    I know it's hard dealing with people who are so judgemental and prejudiced but then again, at least this incident helped you see the true colors of these people....
    I hope you'll make better friends in the future, friends who'll accept you, your choices in life and your choice of friends and love you just the way you are :)

  4. Goon on your for standing up for your friend! It takes courage to do so =) I know it's hard especially because they are your "best friends" but I guess in life we have to make choices and choose who and what are more important.

    If they can change and learn to accept you for who you really are, remain as friends but otherwise they will just make life harder for you.

  5. @shahirah elaiza yes i think so.. they accept me but they dont accept my new friends....but sometimes the less you aspect from persons more you get....
    thank you :)