Friday, March 19, 2010

memories of the sea....

Weekend is coming and as I said before I need to run away from the city… leaving for home tomorrow morning…we discussed and we made peace :D ! but K. is not going with him…

So I been thinking why not to runaway for the weekend and take her also with me!!! :D

The spring is making itself place in our days..and the sun is getting stronger…and as always Sicily is calling for me!!!!!!!!!!

I called my friends from Catania and they told me that the sun is up and are round 20 degreed and I just cant wait to feel the smell of the limons…and see Etna looking over the city….:D and see the mercato of fresh fish…and see how everybody smiles…This what I love about Sicily…All smile and feel life as it should be felt…

So I told K. that I will leave for weekend… she made a sad face and I added” not alone!” how happy she was!!!

So tomorrow evening we get our stuff in the car and hit the road Jack! :D :D

In 12 hours we are there…I never feel tired when I go there…I,

guess is the only place in the world that makes me feel like home…

And I made on polyvore this outfit just to keep in mind what to take with :D :D

I cant wait to be Sunday morning there,to eat a nice granite and a brioches! The classical Sicilian breakfast…and see the sea….

Here how I imagine myself in a café….

and here the wonderful song of Gino Paoli that remebers well the Italy of La Dolce Vita....


  1. Asalamu Alaikum
    Mashallah sounds like fun! Hope you have a great time inshallah.
    Take care.

  2. Ohh, inshallah you'll have a good time :) It seems like you and K are really becoming such close friends! :D How cool is that...
    Take care! :) And lots of hugs!

  3. Oooo wish I was going with you. My favorite singers from Italian are, Laura Pausini and Andrea Bocelli and many more. But, these are my two fav. OOo I like Gigi de'alessino? forget how to spell his last name. LOL

    Ooo can't forget Eros!!! alll time fav! i love italian! anything. have fun! honey! don't stay gone for to long! Kiss sicily for me!!!!!

  4. Woow habibtii, that sounds like so much fun, im so jelous, italy is so beautiful, i remember going there once with my ucnle on a goverment trip thing it was only for 2 days but it was so greasat, id love to go somewhere like venice, i should go live in italy, anyways lovely post have fun and take care x :)

  5. @Amira Thank you very much! You take care also!

    @Hijab Chic yesssss she is like my sister now…I become so close to her I can’t believe it myself! :D :D

    @Texan ahh so you are very in with the Italian music…Yes Gigi D’alessio…he is from Napoli…an amazing voice..You should listen to Mina she is sooo special!I will kiss Sicily for you!!!

    @Hijabis on Ranting Tour you saw the north part of Italy where Venice is…You should see the South there is the real Italy in my opinion!thank you also for the wish!!