Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sorry i know the video is 2 times...we all do mistakes :D :D :D :D thanks

an evening with other...

Day by day it seams that the autumm becomes the queen of the kingdom of the World….is getting colder and colder the nights are longer and the wind brings the cold air from the far north…and another cycle begins….

On Sunday I was at an Eid party invited at the house of an old friend...of course that I was sure I would see persons that I wasn’t very happy to see but we have to forget all when we have to do with a reason to be happy with the others…and for the others.

A true muslim party I think it cant be without those fabulouse cookies I think I ate something like 300g :D:D I couldn’t handel it because they were so grate with honey and nuts and almonds grate grate!

Of course there were even other types of food but thinking it was in the evening and after 7 pm I don’t eat I made already an exception with the cookies.

But all had a nice smell and interesting spices that I know or I heared…I will get more documented on this kind of spices….

There were nice women dancing moving their gracefull hands and not only…:P.all of them came with the most beautiful abaya or veil,I liked this, it was like a catwalk.

Of course I showed up.....and for the first time somebody explained me why the muslim girls and women look at us so strange... we are kind of mistery for them…as they are for us at least for me,I am sure a lot of my friends don’t think the same…

This family had realtives from Qatar, Tunis and Jordan invited…and one of the girls of this family that I think it was almost my age asked my friend to ask me what I do for having a skin like that I got shocked I said nothing special and told him to translate all she has to do infact the ritual of beauty I made I gived her all details …that it isn’t a big story and to drink milk, a lot of milk!

She told me thanks and embraced me..i didn’t aspected….of course in the shadows I felt his eyes on me and of course even she…I think she knows who I am and what I represented I had this feeling.

I know he looked for my eyes at least to meet but I holded on and keep smiling at least I can do this I don’t know how he felt seeing me there and I am sure even M (that is friend of both) had a difficult evening about this thing he even asked me if there is any problem because he is there I answered so full of lightness “should it be?” he gived me and answer that made me see he knows something of me…thing that again I didn’t aspected because I tought he didn’t knew me so well….”you answered light but deep in you carry the weight of this hole room. Don’t hide in yourself you may lose down there..look better around and see maybe is a hand to pull you out of there…”

What should I think now?? After what he said….today I was thinking in this…I don’t know what he meant well the sense is clear but I have the feeling behind this words there is something….well time will tell …

Another grate person I meet was the mother of my friend so nice….she told me the classical things they say to their guests “you brought the light into our house”I liked this and in her eyes I readed she was sincer and made me feel real good also the others were nice and explained me a lot things and they didn’t hide behind the barriere of their language as it happened before to me…

The song from today is in romanien my native language and it talkes about the bitter taste of a lost summer and a lost love..and how the autum comes and takes all away and how the love vanishes with an strong seawave…I love it….and the video is interesting…hope you like it even if I think there will be just one person who I understand romanien :D:D