Friday, February 19, 2010

7 things about me....

this is to my friend hijab chic to answer her challenge


  1. I am so stubborn that I would be able to go to the moon and back for my ideas,wishes,hopes and dreams:
  2. I want to have 3 children:2 girls and 1 boy….And call the girls :Yara and Sara the boy I leave the father to decide…( I know is strange that I want so many but thinking that nobody makes children today…plus they make a woman complete)
  3. I love to travel and to know people and cultures specially Orient (both of them far and middle),Africa are my favorite places…..
  4. I love the Sunday morning….bc I like to spoil my self with a nice bubble bath and the home made spa (I have some receipts of masks all natural)…and candles and incenses sticks!
  5. I cant live without music and books I read like 2-3 books a week and specially fairytales are the most beautiful things that somebody can write. I listen music since I get up in the morning until I sleep
  6. I talk tooooooooooooo much that sometimes I get the feeling that I stress persons….
  7. I love to sleep a lot! Too much like others say! I prefer a full night of sleep then a party :D :D :D (I am old fashioned! Like a granny!)

We should do this stuff more often!7 things we like ,7 things we hate, 7 things we would change…..a good idea!