Monday, March 8, 2010

happy woman's day!!!!

happy woman's day!!!!

"Women keep a special corner of their hearts for sins they have never committed. "

i hope today each of us,women.mothers,sisters,or just woman,find a little ray of sunshine in our souls.....

beacause each of us is 3 times a lady......
and in the end we find ourself in the arms of our beloved ones....lover,husband,children....
isn't it wonderful to really feel a woman in a world of men?
with the sensibility that each of us feels and with our tears that run out of our eyes when we get emotioned or nervouse.....specially when nobody needs them!!!

for all my friends from here...and for those i dont know....(but specially for them....
Hijab Chic,OmAbdullah,Texan in the UAE)


  1. Awe! sis! how sweet! (((((Hugs))))) love the song.. For those of you who don't speak or read Spanish, VAya con dios means, Go with God.. I can't exactly translate it in to English.. :) But, ya! it's nice! (((big hugs)))) again and again!!! vaya con dios, mi amiga! ((((besitos! ))))

  2. Beautiful post :D :D Big hugs to you girl ***hugs***