Friday, March 19, 2010

Short up date...

R.left today…I am sad and already miss him but I think we need some time to breath…

Miss Dior lost 2,5 kg :D :D :D :D yupppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :D

I promise to all that Monday evening I will post with some pictures from Sicily… and tell you all how it was…

I will miss you all this 2 and half days!Stay all good and take care of yourselfs!!!

Hugs to everybody!!!!

Until Monday comes here a picture of the Antique Theater of Taormina…and the little town that you see is Giardini di Naxos and far away Catania….


P.S For my Texan friend and also for you all Gigi!!!! one of my favorite songs....


  1. Asalam Alaykum, I always have wanted to go to Italy soooooooo bad one day inshAllah. I think you & I have a lot in common btw :)..

  2. Masha'a'Allah! I loved Italia when we went there. I love everything about it. I miss the language. I love this song.. <3