Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some golden rules...

I will start a series about style and to make ALL understand that has nothing to do with fashion…I got inspired by a book I founded on my book shelves…

So….first of all we have always to remember what Mademoiselle Chanel used to say…”Fashion fades style remains…”

Any stylish woman must know :

How to organize her wardrobe….So buy things that you like and that fit you!(never a size bigger or smaller)!!!Never!

How to invest in her fundamental pieces…- the classic trench ,little black dress etc - and also how to innovate…

How to buy eccentric things…if you really like something don’t think to much just take it home…

The importance of shoes…shoes shoes shoes always!

The power of the accessories ….they give you the salt and pepper to your outfit

That she needs a good tailor

HOW NOT TO BE A FASHION VICTIM – never let yourself taken away by the “new trends”

That not all that costs is also beautiful….Some nice bracelets bought in some oriental market can be wear like a diamond bracelet

How to match different clothes

HOW TO BE IMPERFECT!!!! We have to understand that we cant be always perfect as we go for a photo session !!!

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