Monday, April 5, 2010


Back on track!!!:D :D :D

I think I own an explanation to all my friends…. I hidden myself in one overprotecting cocoon to heal myself and to get rebirth so from now on... like a phonix bird to reborn from my ashes…here I am stronger and with a heart open…..

Thanks for all your support and I count one you!!!!big hugs for everybody!!!!!


  1. Ohh I hope everything will be fine :)
    BTW, I really like your new blog layout! It's very pretty :)

  2. Oooo I love your new blog layout!!! very nice! I hope everything turns out, okay. (((hugs))) where r u? I miss you! MSU, does too.

  3. thanks girls!!it turned out better then i immagin....:D i am back to work and sure i will back even in MSU :P
    hugs to all of u and thanks for ur support love you all!!!