Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don’t walk away until you are melted by a dream…..

When dreams stop and we feel like sleeping even if we are awake….is the clear sign we have to move on from what we are doing,hoping and dreaming…

From a couple days I detach myself from all and I am staying in a corner of my life,of a room and I analize…me…all those who are around here….or were….

I realize that I grow up much this late time and I feel now I got the force to fly away much higher then before…..

Something big will happen in my life that there is about to change me…but in the same time I laugh what could change me more???!!!

I like one thing that I am straight in my beliefs when you have nothing more to give just leave…and admit it…just move like the wind moves the nomads towards west….

And I advice all not to change things that faith or somebody else may have decided for you…don’t rise in a rebellion..leave it like that…because all things happen for a reason even if we like it or not…

And as always no regrets..because I helped a lot of people and their happiness makes me keep the best part of this story…

Spring brought me this feeling of getting started again…I think that if this would have happened in winter I would have stayed and cry like I did before. But this windy warm evening that is bringing the clouds for the first spring tempest makes me feel so alive…

The park that is in front of my balcony gets greener and greener day by day and the ipod is shuffling some wonderful slow songs like this one….

Doesn’t this touches your heart??? This kind of songs that make me feel better and they make me try to smile a little….


  1. I am downloading the video now. I love Korean movies. I get the subtitled ones. Their videos are outstanding and make me cry. Miss you on msu. Where r u?

  2. oh dear!!!i love them also..actually this song is also in korean...and i might been going to Seoul for 2 months...
    i have just some problems now in my life... as i wrote here and i didnt had much time bc when one thing is outstanding the other doesnt work i will be back...couple 2 days and all will be passed...
    i miss also the girls!!!

  3. Heey darling, your posts are so sweet, and lovely and i love talking to you, sorry about yesterday my bro stole the computer off me :p, Hopefuly i can talk to you properly soon
    lots of love