Sunday, February 21, 2010


After I wrote in my “7 things about me” that I like to make my own homemade spa i want to share with all of you some of my secrets…..
We have to take care from of 3 steps in our :

PREPARING THE ROOM: To enjoy the bath as much as we can is sure that the bath has to be very clean (I guess all of us keep it clean because is important for our health) then you can light some candles and some incense sticks,get some fluffy towels that should wait you when you get out of the tub….
Put some relaxing music or music that you like in low tone.This little things will not only make the bath get into a special mood but also it will give you the right spirit to make it……

The second step is the preparation of the receipts.There are a lot of them and some of them even from ancient times for example the bath milk of Cleopatra…In our times they changed to comfort our need and possibility…
In one bowl take 50g of powder milk,50g of liquid honey,one spoon of jojoba oil,5 drops of essential rose oil,5 drops of essential patchouli oil and 5 drops of essential santal oil.Mix all of them very good and pour them into the water of the tub.

The plants are also known for their capacity of healing and relaxing…Next receipt is known for it heeling quality when the flu takes over us…. For this you need mint, ginger, meadow sage, chanterelle, savory, laurel leaves.If you don’t find all of this ingredients you can use the tea bags that contain this plants,the ginger cut it to slices and put all in one cloth bag and drop it in the warm-hot water…let it for some 10 minutes and then you can take your bath….
Another receipt for when you have the feeling that the cold has got even into your heart, is made like this : rosemary, lavender, meadow sage, ginger, cinnamon, balm.Do the same like before and drop it into water….
The last one is against insomnia and anxiety…Put in a cloth bag lavender, rose petals, wild camomile and hop flowers…and drop it in the warm water…
I know it can sound very difficult to find this plants but if you go in any naturist shop…

The last important step is after the bath….don’t rub your skin with the towl because will make it very dry and apply a body lotion that you prefer and get in bed 10 minutes after you get out of the tub…..

I will try to share you some beauty tricks and ideas that sometimes can be better then the most expensive cosmetics…

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  1. ahhhh those pics make me feel relaxed lol ! Nice post :)

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