Saturday, September 19, 2009

when autumm comes....

Why always the fall changes our lifes...always after the hot summer we lived the autumm comes and brakes the magic of it...of the waves and of the sun,of a nice cocktail or of a night out with the friends finished by watching the sunrise on the beach... So another summer is gone and now we start to live again...even if the sun loses its power and the leaves have some chopper shades.
So...i decidet to change somethings in my life...
I talked some days ago with my best friend that is living in Paris and he gived me the best advice that somebody gaved me..He said:"The key to go on after the shocks of life is TO THINK,TO FORGIVE,TO FORGET AND TO LOVE AGAIN!!!"
So i decidet to do this thing!Women after they suffer the biggest waste in thier life...(love) change their i think i have to do the same...after it we change things that sourround us...i decidet to change things in my appartament..first i changed it (thats the advange to live with rent :D :D :D).So i tooked the newspaper and made the tour of Siena to find the right house...some were to expensive others to dirty others were to central others not that..who looked for the right house understands me! :D
And when my hopes were almost gone i finally find it!A little appartament of 43mq.a cross the central park with a beautiful view but not in that good condition..and this aloud me to negotiate the price less then he asked for...and this made me very happy!
Next step is to move on,so i moved on from my ex-house i tooked some 10 boxes and other 24 with clothes and shoes and a table... leaveing there hopes,dreams i made,fears,and tears...of course the rest wasnt mine...
The last year work and economy made me put some money appart even if i wanted to make a nice trip this summer my soul wasn't ready to do any...
Now i have to decide what style i should adopte..and how to divide the place..

But the most important think now is that i am in the middle of the room sitting on box and one bigger is making as table and a nice hospital bed but this makes me happy because i have the opportunity to think well how i do things..from tomorrow i have to make the big plan and so i will need some advices and i will share all my ideas here even if i know well there will not be a lot of people to read it and i have to thanks my friend from Finnland that remmbered me...the best way to open ur soul is to write...
The song from tonight is one that i listen a lot this days while moving is called :"LOVE OR LEAVE" i think is fair for you love with all heart or u set the other free and not hurt him ....


  1. That was so beautiful!
    I can totally feel you and understand what you're going trough and I have to say that I think you must be a very strong person :)

  2. I agree with you about what you said, the best way to open your soul is to write :)

  3. thanks a will see while writing i will say the story of my life that wasnt so easy..but i dont complain...:D thanks again