Monday, September 28, 2009

autumm toughts

After a week almost of sickness...and french toast with tea....i am begining to feel a lil better but still my best friend...u will laugh but is a boy...:D gived me an idea for getting in shape again…( even if I lost 4 kilos this days –at least a postivi thing !)to go to a SPA.

Here in the region of Siena..are a lot of SPA’s with termal waters and other facilities and aren’t so expensive and when it comes to health I can touch the credit card :D

So all day I did a reserche of prices and I got to the most interesting therapys somes with stones,chocolate(this sounds tasty…but…not for me :d) and at reasonable I tooked the one called “the autum warms up ur skin” and there are 3 nights and 4 days all inclusive plus some trataments like peeling and scrub for the body,massage with warm oils and other bath in some mineral waters and all this for 220 euro!Thinking that is only at 50 km from Siena and I will go with my “Brum brum”I decided this Friday I go…:D:D

I wanted to take some friends with me..but this will not be relax but no so I prefer alone…

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