Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the story of my abaya.....

This is for my friend from Finnland.....This abaya i bought it when me and my family were invited to the Tunisian Embassy in Roma for a ufficial party...And i tought with my mother would be nice to get some traditional clothes....and how the holiday was near we decidet to go to Tunisa,Tunis...so we went to the souk (i think thats the name for the market...or medina)and begun looking for something and so after 10 veils and some maters of silk (i go crazy for silk)and some nice bracelts of silver....(in Tunisia silver is so nice and cheap plus are art pieces after my opinion),We finded this shop....there were a lot of them....and was a male as shopassistent...and i can tell he knew something about fashion....So is glamours...and it had also the veil..that has the model at the ends...it is so nice the material and it still has the nice small it had when i bought it.....it something like incense....The wife of the Ambassador admired it so much...and i love it aslo....

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  1. GORGEOUS! :) Thanks for posting this dear.
    Such a beautiful design, I think abayas are like pieces of art.