Thursday, July 23, 2009

never judge a book by its cover..

Never judge a book by its cover...this is what i always a good friend of mine made me read one article,first of all i thank her....and it really made me think that things arent always as they look.The author was right in some points but i felt like she didnt approved the realtion betwin one muslim and one catolic or other religion....well i dont agree with that....and i dont think that even if we have diffrent clothes and act diffrent this mean we are superficial...or we dont have our pride is true that the biggest part of us likes to be free and do the most crazy things that we can do but everyone of us is responsable for its acts and facts...Isof t true what she said about the young muslims that come in the european or nordamerican countrys to study.I had an example this year in school 15 youngmen from an muslim country(i will not say the name bc i dont want to generalise) came to study for a year with us in the uni.It was a discrasse since they came until they left....they were very rude and bad educated in all meanings beginning from the personal hygiene and with the compartament regarding the teachers that are some heavy names in the jurisprudence...but from another way i had a realtio with one for 2 years and i knew it wasnt like that or tryed to be a don juan with me...there is the family who didnt liked me bc i was iffrent and they tought i was dominating him and bringing him to forget his family or roots!i never tought to make such things!and just like a otught...when he was home we never ate pork or alchool drinks...i respected all but he didnt respected my proud....
This is why i ended bc i have my proud and nobody will pass over it nither the person i!I met the other day an old friend that made me remmber good times...and who knows what it happen...BIZOU my dear friend!

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