Monday, July 20, 2009

i will survive....

well what can i say more....the news fall on my like a lighting in a summer actually summer....he is getting marryed a name called hoba....or heba...i cant remmber her name...well is not that i care that much...So now i founded out why were they laughing about....and i would have laughed also if i knew somebody in that now what's left????????just a summer to sicily....alone haveing fun and forget all...the 1001 nights are over...and the fairytales also....what a lair...i have a feeling of revege i know is not right but one day will come things go round and round...i just feel stupid....and hurt.....but i guess it wasn't to his brother said.."he needs a girl with our tradition and modest....and to make him children not to think at a careere"Well i will never be one big i have a name to carry on...and from now this will be my bring up all my family gaved to me and to turn back to my old friends that i turned off bc the jelousy of somebody....i called Marco T.i dont know why even after our story ended i still want him around...funny?!i tought also he was a true friend and he came to listen to me we did a couple of martinis...and now i cant sleep....uffaaaa questa vita.....i need to leave Milano for some days...i guess Maritima will console me a lil...i dont know from where i should begin....


  1. Whaaaaat? He's getting married?
    Umm, why the heck did he date you then?

    I don't understand his values, but he seems like a player, I feel so bad for you and for his wife-to-be :/

  2. well i answered...he is forced i guess but i was a fool...